Thanksgiving Menu Planning

How is your Thanksgiving meal planning going?  I am lucky that I fly off to Dallas and play sous chef to my sister-in-law, but don’t have to be responsible for the overall meal plan.  If you are needing to fill in with a recipe or two, one of my favorite websites “the bitten word,”  has mined 6 or more food magazines and picked recipes that might just be what you need to help you finalize your menu.  Here is their introduction:

Below, you’ll see the initial list of recipes we started with: more than 250 Thanksgiving recipes from 10 magazines. To be included in the index, the recipes had to be part of the magazine’s Thanksgiving coverage. So this is not meant to be comprehensive – there are many more recipes in this month’s magazines. If the recipe is hyperlinked, it is available online. If not, it’s not there yet.

In preparation for this year’s Thanksgiving coverage, we’ve also created a page of Our Favorite Holiday Recipes. There, you’ll find a collection of dishes from Thanksgivings, Fakesgivings and holiday dinner parties past. We’ll be updating it as we introduce new content and recipes on the site.

Enjoy the index! 



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