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Weeknight Cooking — A Quick Indian Meal

Sometime you need that tasty, quick, healthy meal in under 20 minutes.  The following dish meets that criteria and  if you have rice or a grain (millet, couscous, etc.) that is ready to go, it can be done in under 10.   Trader Joes carries brown or white rice that is either frozen or shelf stable that is more than acceptable and makes for an important freezer or pantry item.

Here is what you do:  find the Jyoti brand Buttermilk Dumplings either at Whole Foods, Weavers Way Co-op in Mt. Airy, or an Indian grocery.  Another pantry must in our house.

I started using this product when my husband was doing the Atkins diet years ago.  The carbs and calories are amazingly low and the flavor and satisfaction is very high.  If you eat half the can yourself, you are only taking in 130 calories and 13 carbohydrates!

Open can; dump contents in a pot.  Scour frig for leftover meat and veggies.  Or go to the freezer for the must have frozen peas; throw in the mix.

As you can see I had some leftover chicken and sauteed zucchini.  A note to the spice wimps out there (me), taste for spice level.  I inevitably need to add some plain yogurt to tone down the heat.  Buttermilk, sour cream, crème fraiche,  or plain milk will also work.

Other additions that would be delicious:  shredded cabbage, cooked cubed potatoes, cooked carrots, and any other meat or vegetable that you and your family loves.   This would also be perfect as a vegetarian meal.

Depending on the appetites of the people being served and the amount of your additions, this serves 3 to 4 people.    Enjoy!

 More information:

If you love cooking Indian food, pop over to my post on the subject.  You’ll find sources for ingredients, recommended cookbooks and recipes online.